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support for Jade (and maybe stylus) would be nice

Calvin W Metcalf BS
suggested this on March 26, 2012 21:25

These are languages that often get used in node.js and would be supper awesome to have here.   Also If I'm wishing for languages Erlang would be great as well.    As there are already tickets also open for Haskell and Go maybe the answer is to support importing language definition files so if someone needs prolog/io/LOLCODE themselves.



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Aejay Goehring

I think supporting definition files is a good option; I hope they'll consider it. I also wish I had Jade support when working in cloud9. I'd be alright with just having syntax highlighting, but it would be really grand to have code inspection, too. Seeing an error on the left hand side of the code editor is much more convenient than having to run the site to see whether or not my jade is appropriately formed.

July 02, 2012 04:15
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Joel M

I wish c9 had Jade Support as well as Stylus, syntax highlighting would suffice. Please consider support for other template engines too.

August 03, 2012 22:43
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Corey Werner

I agree this would really be useful!

August 19, 2012 12:16
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Arlen Anderson

I also would like Jade support

October 05, 2012 18:53
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Alexander Kasimir

jade support was recently added, now stylus support please! :)

October 09, 2012 00:30
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Joe Vallender

me too for stylus please. its the only real choice for css preprocess on node imo

November 20, 2012 15:18
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Moritz Peters

For what it's worth: The LESS syntax highlighting works reasonably well for stylus. :)

February 07, 2013 16:44