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Share your private project

Detmar ter Huurne
posted this on December 16, 2011 13:05

From this article you will learn how you can grant permission to other users to access your Private Project. They will be able to edit and run your project, so there is no cloning of projects involved. If you do want to clone projects and edit it together you will have to create an organization. More about how to create an organization context here and creating an organization project here. Please, continue to read if you would like to learn more about shared projects.

Share private project

If you have a private project listed in Cloud9 IDE you can use that URL to share it with someone else (for example: Once the other person has opened the URL in the browser, he/she will be prompted with the following message:


 As a visitor, you will send a request to the owner of the project by clicking Ok. The owner will be notified with a new message on his dashboard as you can see in the image below.


At the end of the notification the user can choose to approve of decline the request. If approved the project will be listed in the requester's project list. If the requester has a premium account he is allowed to edit the page, otherwise he can not access.


 When you press 'start editing' you will be directed to the owner's project URL (as you can see in the location bar). When you run the project you will also get a link to the server that is used by the owner. Basically every action you perform as a visitor is in name of the owner.